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Here at Red Rocks Property Management our aim is to provide you with specialist independent property management services, including professional, efficient and cost effective management services anywhere in the greater Wellington Region.

What we do?

  • We are contactable 24 hours 7 days a week to deal with any issues.
  • We keep the client and tenant informed of matters in a timely manner.
  • We have a firm but fair attitude and use a common sense approach to ensure issues are resolved.
Marketing your property
  • We provide you with a market rental guideline of what your property will fetch in the current market.
  • We advertise in The Dominion Post Saturday and Wednesday - currently $42.50 for 4 lines.
  • We advertise on Trademe web site - currently $99 until rented.
  • We list on Home Ads web site - nil cost.
  • We can erect a sign in front of your property - cost TBC.
Tenant screening and viewing
  • We personally show tenants through your property by either appointment or set open viewing.
  • Potential tenants are required to complete application forms and then we conduct reference checks.
  • Selection of a tenant will be made after a satisfactory check.
Tenancy agreement and pre tenancy inspection
  • Carried out as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • Tenancy agreements and pre tenancy inspections are completed at the property and signed by both parties.
Bond collection and lodgement
  • Three weeks bond is collected and lodged with Ministry of Housing Bond Centre as required under the law..
Rent collection and monitoring
  • All rents are paid to our business account by automatic payment.
  • Rents are recorded in a 'Rent In Trust' account in our accounting package and reconciled by a qualified accountant.
  • Rent payments are checked on the due date.
  • Should a payment not be made on the due date the tenant is telephoned and a formal 10 day notice to remedy is issued. This forms the beginning of the Tenancy Tribunal process.
Regular property inspections
  • Inspections carried out at 3 (or as agreed) monthly intervals. The first inspection is carried out within the first month.
  • Any issues arising for the tenant to put right, a letter is sent to the tenant and a follow up inspection is carried out within 14 days.
  • The day after the tenant vacates, we inspect the property and this is prior to any Bond release.
Disputes and mediation
  • We prepare all applications for dispute resolution under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • We attend any mediation.
  • Should the issue not be resolved to a satisfactory level, we attend Tenancy Tribunal Court hearings.
  • We can organize maintenance on your behalf.
  • We have an experienced qualified handyman available at a competitive rate and have negotiated competitive rates with plumbers, electricians and gardeners.
  • This ensures your property is kept at an acceptable level with costs kept to a minimum. Alternatively we will engage any preferred tradesman of your choice.
Financial statements and rent payment
  • We provide a monthly statement, detailing rents collected and payments made on your behalf.
  • We electronically transferred the rent balance to your account on the first working day of the following month.
  • A contract is prepared by us and signed by both parties. This authorizes us to be the landlord, outlines all fees and lists any special conditions that you may require ie tenant criteria, preferred tradesman etc.
Our Fees (plus GST)
  • Management fee - 8.0% of the rent collected.
  • Supervision of repairs and maintenance - 8.0% of the invoice total .
  • Inspections - no charge.
  • Inspection reports and financial reports - no charge.
  • Tenancy Tribunal applications and costs - agreed hourly rate.


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