Moving out

At the end of the tenancy, we will meet with you to complete an exit inspection report so
that the refund of the bond can be made in full.

Before moving out and receiving your bond in full, you will need to take care of the

Disconnection of utilities – This includes electricity, gas, telephone, internet, Sky etc.
We recommend you use Fast Connect to do this. Fast Connect is a free service and
will save you time and money. Call 0800 88 55 99 and quote code 1999Z.

Cleaning – Cleaning must be completed to a reasonable standard.

Return of keys – All keys must be returned on or before the day the lease ends.

Payment of rent – Rent payments must be up to date.

Repairs – Any damage that has occurred during the tenancy will need to be repaired to
a reasonable standard. Please contact us in the first instance.

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